My Christian Music

Hello, it’s me Shere Thu Thuy.   And I’ve been promoting myself for over 50 years as a New Wave/Italo/and rock singer/TV and movie actress from 1971 to 2024.  And when I was a kid, I was born into the Buddhist religion and then a Catholic. However, It wasn’t until I became a Christian. I realized I had been chasing a false dream.  Then, one day, I was invited to attend a Church and heard their Christian music. And that’s when I grew up! Their music praised our lord and savior, Jesus Christ, and our Godfather in heaven.  When they found out I was a singer. They gave me a song to sing, and I felt the happiness I thought I had throughout my music and movie career.  So, as of this year, 2024.  I will still create original music, but this time for my lord and savior. I realize I will probably lose many of my followers. However, singing for God brings me more happiness than seeking approval from fans for selfish personal gain and fame, which was a never-ending carnal merry-round. The following music originals and covers, lyrics, and videos were produced by Eric Teggers and me, Shere Thu Thuy. 

Gods Love

Original song 

Performed by Eric Teggers

My Prayer

Cover song

 Vocals by Shere Thu Thuy

Music arrangement and vocals by Eric Teggers

Jesus Saved Me

Original song

 Vocals by Shere Thu Thuy

Music composer Eric Teggers

And I pray 

An original song  by 

Shere Thu Thuy 

Eric Teggers