As an actress

The following major movies

are with Sheres acting appearances

Wanted dead or alive


Don't cry it's only thunder

A Rumour of War

China Beach - TV Movie

The inserts below are a compilation

of my personal backstories

Dont Cry-edited.mp4

Dennis Christopher

In this scene, "Don't Cry it's only thunder" Christopher's favorite Little orphan girl (Ann) has died and refused to join the sisters, to deliver the body to the Cemetery. I tried to comfort him, and I also revealed my love to Christopher. As I try to explain I'm still a woman under the religious robes I wear. I hated doing this role because I was very young with no make-up and looked like an ugly virgin girl, one only a mother could love. LOL! I was hoping this film would fail. However, it was very successful. The other thing about this movie was it had been filmed in Mexico and the Phillippines. The conditions there were very derelict and unhealthy and a lot of people were sick with fever and the locals were always begging for money. Also, the food and water had to be tested before consuming. And all the major actors kept to their trailers and would only come out to shoot their parts.

BTW! Christopher received a 1982 Oscar Academy award movie for "Chariots of fire".  

Dennis Christopher other movie credits, Django Unchained, Fade to black, Breaking away, and  Doppelgänger

In the (1990 Version)

Rutger Hauer. 

This was a movie called "Wanted Dead or Alive".  I was a really big fan of Rutgers's work. Here I am acting with Rutger Hauer from the movie Wanted Dead or Alive.  Rutger was also the leading actor in Blind Fury, Nighthawks, Blade Runner, etc. I can remember on the movie set he would always buy a tuna melt for lunch and share it with me.  He was a very sweet man. In this movie, the man to my left is my father. There was an open spot for this part and I talked my dad into doing it.  I will always remember this day together.  I loved him so much. Love you dad.

KISS-Gene Simmons

Unmasked and in his third movie role in Wanted Dead or Alive".  This photo was taken on the set and in-between scenes. We were both starting our acting career around this time, and he was very polite to me.  Unfortunately, I didn't know who he was.  All I heard was the rumors that he was in a popular band. Later I had found out he was dating Cher. I almost threw this photo out of my collection of Celebrities because I thought he was just another struggling actor like me.  And I thought he would never make it in the business. LOL!  As you can see in this photo, we were studying our lines.  Oh!  A cameraman approached us and asked permission to take our photo. That's when Gene turned to me and asked me if I felt ok with this?. I thought that was so cool! 

Alain Delon 

When Alain Delon came to America in the ’70s. At the time, not too many Americans knew him back then. I was at the Daisy Club in Beverly Hills when I vouched for his entrance at the club. Later that evening I invited him to a celebrity Hollywood party, to which I would receive invites to attend every so often. On that night I introduced him to some Hollywood celebrities who I had worked with when I was still doing movies. I think this photo was taken at Patty Duke's house party. I could remember him being a true gentleman and that he had warm hands. LOL!

Patty Duke

This photo was taken in Hollywood at one of many Patty Dukes house parties. I just finished performing "I Will Survive" which she had personally requested. This was at a Vietnamese refugee community for a charity event. And I met Patty Duke backstage and that's when she invited me to her house. What surprised me is when she said, " I love your performance".  And at her house party, she hugged me, held my hand, and introduced me to her friends. And when I had to take my leave she smiled at me and said, "I hope we could be friends" and gave me her phone number. Unfortunately, my career got busy and I never followed up. Here's the performance. Note this film is very old.

Here is my favorite Patty Dukes all-time classic movie called "The Miracle Worker"

Michael Landon

This photo was taken on the set of the TV hit series called Highway to Heaven, starring Michael Landon This episode (One Fresh Batch of lemonade) was one of my first speaking roles as an actress, which I played as a waitress. Unfortunately, my back was turned to the camera, and even though it was a small part. I was so excited to be acting with Michael Landon. And I nervously fumbled my lines five times. With humor, Michael suggested that perhaps I should also order a drink for myself. Just to loosen up the nerves. Everyone laughed except me. I was too embarrassed. Also, to make up for not showing my face on camera, Michael offered to take a couple of photos with him. And that’s the one I’ve posted. Michael also starred in, I was a Teenage werewolf, Little House on the Prairie, The Legend of Tom Dooley, and Bonanza.

Brad Davis

I met Brad Davis in the movie "A Rumor of War".  I played a South Vietnamese woman whose husband gets shot in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, I did not like Brad because he was rough with me in this scene. Especially, when we had to do this scene more than a few times, and by then I was ready to kill him. Unfortunately, Brad possessed an abrasive personality. I don't know why but, he seemed to single me out. There was the time we were shooting in Mexico and he approached my room calling for me. When he didn't get a response he kicked the door down and discovered I wasn't in my room, because I had been reassigned to another room earlier that day. Brad got so out of control that the Director had to call Brad's manager to fly over just to calm Brad's temperament. Brad also starred in Midnight Express, Sybil, and Chariots of Fire.

The iron triangle.mp4

Johnny Hallyday 

This photo was taken at Eric Weston's house gathering (the director for Iron triangle 1989). In this movie, I played Johnny's Vietnamese girlfriend. In our scene, Johnny and I are in the bedroom. I get up to go to the ladies' room and on my return back I meet up with Ho played by Liem Whatley. In fear of my life I try to seduce him, although he kills me in return. BTW!  Johnny was wearing a pair of shorts when we were in bed, and under the covers.  This was my first nude scene which I struggled to avoid doing, although, in the end, everybody was very polite and courteous. They all treated me with respect, which made me feel more comfortable. Since then I refrained from doing any more nude scenes.

bright Shinning Lie.mp4

A Bright Shining Lie

In this film I did the majority of voice overs, and I did a small part as a singer on stage, at a Vietnam festival in a local restaurant bar. Unfortunately, I never got to meet Bill Paxton. Also, there were a lot of hired Chinese and filipinos, which I had to teach how to chit chat in Vietnamese. It was a lot of fun.