Official Studio videos of the 80s

MTV 80's original

(New Wave)

It's only you

80's Original

(New Wave)

Gonna lose my heart

80's recording 

Wake up Call 

80's recording

Summer Time (lambada) with Lyrics

MTV 80's original

(New Wave)

Bring my heart

to light 

80's (Original music)

Prisoner of Love

80's recording

Vietnamese Version

Besame Mucho

80's recording

Tinh Yeu Tuyet Voi

80's Faismoi Du Cha Cha Cha

80's demain Tu Te Maries

80's  original

Treat Me Right

Rare 80's Live

(New Wave)

It's only you

Rare Live Performances of the 80s

80's Live performance

I will Survive

80's  Live performance Remix

80's Prisoner of love  (funky rap version)

1986 Live  performance

Besame Mucho

80's Live performance

Qui Sait, Qui Sait,

Qui Sait

New Wave '80s Live Touch My Heart (remastered)

'80s Live performance

La chanson d’Orphée


(vintage 1986-1987 medley)

Live 1986 New Wave (original song)

Gonna lose my heart

Boston Massachusettes

Videos - Shere's French cover songs. 

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Videos - My fair Ladies all-female tribute show

In this group of female impressionists, in looks and voice.  Shere does her interpretation of Connie Frances.

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Videos - Shere's mixed music, rock, commercial jazz, country, video blogs, New Wave, Euro Disco, and ETC. 

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Bizarre Love Triangle 1986 New Wave/Italo Disco cover

Where the boys are (Connie Frances cover)

Incredible - '80s Italo Disco (A Tom Hooker cover song)

Don't Cry for Louie - Zoot Suit version - Sept-2020 - cover

Walking my Boots - Rock guitar 2020 original

Dem Nay - 80's high energy (italo Disco 80's gold) original

Shere's Bloopers - from her persoanl video collections - 2010

Leavin on your mind - Country - July 2020 cover

Saigon in Paris - Jazz Pop - June 2020 original

In the name of love - Italo Disco -July 2020 original

Tình Chỉ Là Giấc Mơ - Vietnamese cover song -April 2020 cover

Knocking at my door - Ai Đang Gõ Cửa Nhà Tôi - Vietnamese version - June 2020 Original

Lap Dance - commercial rock - Nov 2019 original

Stand by your man - Country -May 2010 cover

So much into you - Italo Disco original

Prisoner of love - Live at the Bleu Cafe original

Go Away - Italo Disco original

In his arms - Commercial Jazz original

Bleu cafe Live P-1 - Italo Disco show Westminster Ca original

Bleu cafe Live P-2 - Italo Disco show Westminster Ca original

Knocking at my door -photo video - Commercial Jazz original

It's only you- Live at club Avec Westminster CA original

Bring my heart to light -Live at club Avec Westminster Ca original

Gonna lose my heart - Live at club Avec Westminster Ca original

Gonna lose my heart -Live at the Whiskey A Go Go original

Gonna lose my heart -At the Club Bleu- sound check photo video original

Gonna lose my heart - Live at EQ Recording studio in Long Beach Ca -2010 original

Prisoner of love- Live at the Whisky A Go Go original

Its only you - Live at the Whisky A Go Go original

I feel your love - Live at the Whisky A Go Go original

Respect yourself - Featuring rap artist Ya Ya - Live at club Bleu Westminster Ca original

I was your lover - Rock photo video original

Donald Trump Song - Rock 2020 original

You don’t have to say you love me - Live in Hemet Ca cover

My Guy - Live in Hemet CA cover

When you look at me - Dance music video original

Till - A Tom Jones cover song 2019 cover

Your my heart you're my soul - LIVE in Westminster cover

Latch key kids - rock song original

Get ready - Live - cover song in Westminster Ca cover

Harper Vally - Live at the Gaslamp in Long Beach Ca cover

Randy's money - Rock song - Photo video original

Don’t touch me there - Rock video original

Stand by your man - Country - Shuffle beat version cover

Don’t touch me there - Rock - photo video original

Wake up call - Italo disco -rehearsal photo video original

Respect your self  - Rock - Photo video original

Stay - Smooth Rhythm and blues - 80's original original

I feel your love-Italo disco -For the Westminster New Year Parade -2011 original

I can’t stop feeling this way - New Wave original

These boots are made for walking - Commercial Rock cover

Remix demo of Sheres 80's songs - Italo Disco era original

Advertisement ad #1 for Sheres Concert at the Bleu Cafe Westminster Ca.

Advertisement ad #2 for Sheres concert at the bleu Cafe Westminster Ca

White Christmas - Dec. 2020 cover

1980 tunes - New wave Parody - original

Tic Toc - Rock in the David Bowie style original

Cheri Cheri - 2014 original

Do me, Do me, Do me (original rock - Dec-2020 original)

look into your eyes - (Italo Disco Dec2020) cover

Two is better than one - (Pop Cover - Jan 2021) cover

Hello Again - New Wave Jan 2021


Lies (1982 New Wave cover) Jan 2021 coverYou belong to me (Golden Oldies 1958) CoverI feel your love - Vietnamese Version New Wave/Italo disco 1988 (released Jan 2021) originalIn My Life (New Wave Jan 2021) Album "Hello Again" original Spring is here - New Wave album - 3/2021 originalHeartbreaker -live 1979 rock - Pat Benatar - coverSolitaire V2 - New album - March 2021 Original I'm much stronger - New wave - April 2021 OriginalSister Sister - Single (April 2021) New wave OriginalOut of control - New wave (May 1st 2021) OriginalOne less bell to answer -5th Dimension cover 5/21I die for more - New Wave Simgle 5/21 OriginalYou keep me hangin on - Kim wilde Cover 6/2021My Promise - New Wave - Demo 6/2021 OriginalVietnamese New Wave - Video Blog #49 6/2021New Wave VS Madonna - New Wave 7/2021 Original Vietnamese New Wave vs European Italo Disco (Video blog #59) 7/2021My Promise - Vietnamese New Wave - Oficial video - 7/201 OriginalVietnamese mixed New Wave Video blog - Original- 6/2021Shout out to Euro Disco Club- Video blog - Original -Aug/2021Vietnamese new wave Video blog - Original [ WTF! ]1/2021Touch Me - VN New wave- 8/2021 - OriginalThe VOPCO Family - Original -Video Blog 8/21Happy birthday to Calvin (Video greeting) 9/2021Megamix - originals songs -2010-9/2021Stop in the name of love (Cover) new arrangement 10/2021

Chi Minh Anh 1988 Album - Khanh Ly, Chi Tai, Ngoc Lan, Nhu Mai, Phuong Loan, Thy Van. - Original Video Blog Nov 13th 2021

John Lennon's Merry Christmas (Vietnamese version) cover song 2021

I've got a crush on you - Original - New wave rock - 11-2021

Spring time in Italy - Original - New wave/Italo/Euro - 12-2021

Mad Parade - Original - New wave rock - Jan 3, 2022 

JUMP - Original - New wave rock - Jan 14, 2022

Vietnamese singers who performed on American Television Original - Video Blog - Feb 9th 2022

Love and Hate - Original - New wave rock - Feb. 19th 2022

Cớ sao còn yêu - Original - Vietnamese new wave rock - March 2022

Viet Boy -Original - Vietnamese new wave rock - April 1st 2022

Don't blow this date - Original - New wave rock - April 20th 2022

Big Boy Shoes - Original - New wave rock - May 11th 2022

My Cigarette - Original - New wave Italo - June 2nd 2022