Shere Thu Thuy is a Recording artist, vocalist, and TV and movie actress who initially established her career from 1971 to 1990. Shere is most celebrated for being a Vietnamese female recording artist with a total of 13 albums to date. At the pinnacle of her music career in the '80s, She produced her first 5 vinyl albums: "original New Wave/Italo music.  Shere is also Known for having her songs played on FM radio stations throughout Southern California and having her videos aired on MTV.   She was one of the first of her musical comrades to break through into the American Market successfully.  Note: Shere's been out of retirement since 2010 and continues to create original new music to this very day.  In Shere's own words... "I will continue to represent the Vietnamese to the Americans with my new-wave original music until the day I die.  BTW! I am proud to be an American because they helped my country in war, and they opened their doors to help us.  And I am also proud to be Vietnamese, and I love my culture". 

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