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Shere Thu Thuy (born Thu Thuy Thi Nguyen; October 21, 1952 is a Vietnamese vocal singer-songwriter, movie actress, and voice-over artist. She is also a fashion designer (self-taught). Born in (Saigon), South Vietnam to an import export (company VOPCO) owner father, Tu Van Nguyen married to Tung Thi Pham. Shere was the fourth of nine children. Two of her male siblings also pursued music--her oldist brothers, Alan Nguyen (Aka Manh Dung) and Mike Nguyen (aka Manh Ha). Shere Thu Thuy stands 5' tall and was educated in Saigon, (South Vietnam) At the start of her music career, at the age of 15 in (South Vietnam) from 1968 to 1969, she joined her brother Mike Nguyen's band, (The Mavericks) under the name Sandy and became the lead singer, performing cover/dance songs, to the local GI officers club in (Long Binh) South Vietnam.  Shere Thu Thuy arrived in America, (San Francisco) December 24, 1970, married to James Roy Wycoff in (Akron, Ohio) January 1971. And through the duration of 1970 to 1983, Shere started an acting career in television and movies. Some of her works included hit TV series " All My Children", "Highway To Heaven", Too Close For Comfort", and "China Beach." Shere's Vietnamese heritage was also utilized in movie roles connected to the Vietnam war or with racial undertones. Some of her works included "A Rumor of War", "Don't Cry It's only Thunder", and "Wanted Dead Or Alive".